Rhymes and repetitions

How to pick the best books for your little ones when they are learning a second language. Books are fundamental tools when teaching a second language. At Magic-Languages, we love books and we use them a lot in our classes. While reading in the new language there are two important things to be considered: The […]


Why using cultural elements are important for learning a new language

A language is inseparable from its culture of origin. Many words, expressions and meanings have roots in local history, traditions, religion, symbols and general behavior of people. The inclusion of cultural elements in language lessons make students understand better meanings and expressions and at the same time make classes interesting and entertaining. The videos below […]


5 tips for a successful online language class

The school year 2019-2020 is over and has been one of the most challenging for students in the past decades. Besides the health concerns, many parents worry about how to keep their children up to date in their academic progress as well as their overall development. As schools and educators made extraordinary efforts to shift […]