Our Teachers

We are very happy and proud to have a team of passionate and dedicated teachers who love children and work hard to transmit the language in a fun and interactive way. They help the students absorb the artistic, charming and lively culture that comes with the language. All our teachers are trained in the Magic-Languages methodology and undergo background checks, including a criminal reference check, prior to beginning work with Magic-Languages. All our teachers are native Spanish or French speakers.

Our Founder


Beatriz Tejedor

Beatriz Tejedor is the founder of Magic-Languages. Born and raised in Spain, she received her law degree from the University of Barcelona in 2008. At a very young age, Bea learned the value of being multilingual; in addition to growing up in a bilingual Spanish/Catalan household, she learned French spending her summers in France and English working through her professional career. After practicing law for several years, she moved to Canada, living first in Montreal and then Toronto. Amazed by the diversity in this city, Bea started Magic-Languages in 2013. After several years of teaching Spanish as a second language to adults, Bea realized how fascinating and natural the learning process was with the children. Complemented by her deep family values, Bea discovered a passion for early childhood education. She identifies three important elements in the learning process: a connection with the teacher, a favorable environment and the consistency of the practice. Magic-Languages’ methodology is rooted in these three basic elements, paired with a thoughtful curriculum. The goal of each and every class is that the children thoroughly enjoy the activities, not realizing how much they are learning and that they are communicating in a new language. Empathy is fundamental in order to accomplish this goal. Since Magic-Languages started, Beatriz has worked every day in order to develop this educational project through the incorporation of new elements, improving the curriculum and reaching new students. This is part of the greater objective of creating a better understanding of and connection to the global community.

Our French & Spanish Teachers



Spanish Teacher


French Teacher




French Teacher


French Teacher
Monserrat Saborio


Spanish Teacher


Spanish Teacher