About Us

We believe that it is essential to take advantage of early developmental phases to give children the benefit of learning a new language in a fun and natural manner.

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about us

Magic-Languages was established in response to the growing demand for foreign language mastery in our increasingly globalized world. We specialize in offering exceptional language programs in English, French, and Spanish, specifically designed for children and infants to enhance their practical communication skills.

Our English, French, and Spanish language programs are tailored for students seeking a fun and engaging approach to language acquisition. We strive to immerse our students in the captivating, artistic, and vivacious culture that accompanies each language. Our program themes are brought to life through an array of interactive activities, including art, games, crafts, and songs, enabling our teachers to engage students in the new language.

Our teaching method is designed to foster a desire to communicate and interact with peers and instructors in the new language. As such, our students develop a strong capability for understanding and reproducing new vocabulary. We pride ourselves on our unique methodology, which is grounded in years of observation and research on the cognitive, emotional, and physical development of children at various stages of their childhood.

At Magic-Languages, we use the best elements of traditional teaching methods, expertly tailored to our students’ unique needs, in combination with our profound respect and love for children. Our endless passion for creating a multilingual community sets us apart as the most enjoyable, dynamic, artistic, and culturally rich language program for children and their parents alike.

Magic-Languages is dedicated to leveraging early developmental stages for language learning, offering a fun and natural experience for children. Our programs in English, French, and Spanish are crafted to enhance practical communication skills, immersing students in the vibrant cultures associated with each language through interactive activities. Our methodology, grounded in extensive research on childhood development, aims to foster communication, understanding, and a deep appreciation for cultural nuances. We strive to create a dynamic, artistic, and culturally rich learning environment, preparing children for a multicultural world with a lifelong love for languages

Our Objectives


To provide our students with the ability to construct grammatically correct sentences in the new language.


To introduce a range of age-appropriate vocabulary words, aligned with specific themes.


To develop and enhance our students’ communication skills in the new language.


To familiarize students with the culture of the new language, recognizing that language and culture are inextricably linked. At Magic-Languages, we actively encourage and cultivate an interest in the associated cultural elements of each language. We aim to help children understand the practical applications of their learning.


To deliver language learning in a natural and enjoyable manner, promoting active participation from each student.

Our program is designed to enable our students to achieve their full potential in learning a new language, while embracing the culture that accompanies it. Our teaching approach is centered around creating a positive and enjoyable learning environment that inspires our students to actively engage with the language. At Magic-Languages, we are committed to providing our students with an unparalleled language learning experience that prepares them for a multicultural world.