Programs for Adults

Our French and Spanish programs are designed for students who want to learn a second language in a dynamic way, absorbing the lively culture that comes with the language.


Our private classes are made to meet your needs. We adjust the classes according to your level and your objectives. Whether you want to focus on casual conversation, professional or business needs. We will work on grammar, writing or technical vocabulary, our teachers are dedicated to your success. You will get undivided attention from our professional teacher who are native speakers who will keep you motivated and learning at your own pace.



Program objectives


In developing our program, we had several objectives in mind:


  1. To teach our students to achieve perfect grammatical construction in the new language.
  2. To teach a variety of vocabulary terms according to specific themes.
  3. To familiarize the students with the culture of the new language. We encourage and foster the interest for the culture associated to the language. We believe that language is a core element of a culture. Based on that, we highlight the learning of those cultural elements that relate to each language.
  4. To enhance the communication abilities of the students in the new language.
  5. To present the learning of the new language in a dynamic and natural manner so that it is an enjoyable process that encourages the active participation of each student.


If you have any questions, you can contact our Director of Operations, Beatriz Tejedor by phone at 647-766-2363 or by email at


Cost private one-on-one lessons starts at 160$/month.


Cost semi-private lessons for 2 students (you must organize your own group) starts at 100$/month per student.


Cost semi-private lessons for 3 or more students (you must organize your own group) starts at 80$/month per student.


You can sign-up for regular conversation oriented classes directly through our website. Please contact us if you are looking for a custom course (professionals, tourism, industry specific, etc.).