Babies & Toddlers Program

Our music program for babies and toddlers (1 year to 4 years old) is designed to promote language learning in a fun environment. Younger children are exposed to the new language through traditional and vocabulary building songs, dance, lullabies and props such as puppets, instruments, parachute, and more.


Through music, we learn about colours, weather and nature, animals, parts of the face and body, days of the week, opposites, fruits and vegetables, greetings and basic words.


Every class includes festive visual aids and surprises that make an exciting atmosphere where children are engaged and having fun, participating and singing songs in Spanish/French. We provide a music book with lyrics, to encourage repetition and practice at home.


Our amazing teachers are all native Spanish/French speakers, and transmit the language in a fun way and helps students absorb the artistic, charming and lively culture that comes with the language.

Program Objectives

In developing our program, we had several objectives in mind:


To teach our students to achieve perfect grammatical construction in the new language.


To teach a variety of age appropriate vocabulary terms according to specific themes.


To familiarize the students with the culture of the new language. At Magic-Languages, we encourage and foster the interest for the culture associated to the language. We believe that language is a core element of a culture. Based on that, we highlight the learning of those cultural elements that relate to each language. We seek that the children understand and see the practical application and use of the language as a result of this learning process.


To enhance the communication abilities of the students in the new language.


To present the learning of the new language in a fun and natural manner so that it is an enjoyable process that encourages the active participation of each student.