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At Magic-Languages, we take immense pride in our team of passionate and dedicated teachers who love working with children and have a knack for teaching language in a fun and interactive way. Our native-speaking teachers possess a unique ability to immerse students in the lively culture that comes with learning a new language. We ensure the highest quality of language education by providing extensive training in the Magic-Languages methodology. In addition, our commitment to student safety includes thorough background checks, including a criminal reference check, for all our teachers. We are excited to offer language programs that provide an enjoyable and enriching experience for our students, and we invite you to contact us today to learn more and meet our exceptional team of teachers.


Our Founder

Beatriz Tejedor is the visionary founder of Magic-Languages. With her roots in Spain, Bea obtained her law degree from the University of Barcelona in 2008. She was raised in a bilingual household, which inspired her to become multilingual. She learned French during her summer visits to France and further polished her English skills through her professional career. After working as a lawyer for several years, she moved to Canada and settled first in Montreal, then in Toronto. Bea was fascinated by the diversity of this multicultural city and founded Magic-Languages in 2013.

Having taught Spanish as a second language to adults for several years, Bea realized the natural learning process and the enjoyment it brings to children. Guided by her family values and her passion for early childhood education, Bea has identified three essential elements in the learning process: a connection with the teacher, a favorable learning environment, and consistent practice. Magic-Languages’ methodology is rooted in these fundamental components, combined with a thoughtful curriculum designed to help children learn a new language while having fun.

Bea’s goal for each class is to create a learning experience that is both enjoyable and immersive, without children even realizing they are communicating in a new language. Empathy plays a crucial role in accomplishing this objective. Since founding Magic-Languages, Bea has tirelessly worked to develop this educational project, incorporating new elements, improving the curriculum, and reaching new students. This initiative is part of a greater objective to foster a better understanding of and connection to the global community. Contact us today to learn more about our language programs and Bea’s remarkable vision for Magic-Languages.


Our teachers


French and Spanish Teacher